eBay Not Accepting Cryptocurrency Payments

Earlier this week, there were rumors that eBay (NASDAQ:EBAY) is going to start accepting cryptocurrency as a form of payment. While the e-retailing giant did not confirm these rumours at the time, many thought it was true: the company’s banners at the Consensus conference indicated so. But it’s not true. And the company has now confirmed that. Here’s everything we know. eBay Accepting Crypto? Nope It’s no secret that the list of companies that have started to accept cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin, as payment is growing. And at a rapid pace,…

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Cryptocurrency Mainstream Adoption | Is Ebay the Answer?

Are we on the verge of mainstream adoption for digital currencies? The list of companies accepting payment in Bitcoin is steadily growing and now one of the biggest e-commerce sites is hinting at joining that list. Global e-retailing giant, Ebay, has stirred rumors via its latest promotional adverts. Let’s check this out. Mainstream Adoption – Ebay to Support Digital Assets? At the Consensus conference in New York, Ebay’s banners suggested the company is about to enter the cryptocurrency space. In a photo leaked on Telegram channel @PatronsOfTheMoon, the two banners read…

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